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  1. Thanks for all of this information about Basil Pesto.
    Question : Do Italians ever add a little cream to the pesto sauce ?

    1. Ciao Surati, I’m glad that this information about pesto has been helpful to you. Indeed, there are “interpretations” of recipes that involve adding a little bit of cream to pesto, but I discourage it. If the pesto is fresh and of quality, it should be the only condiment. Keep in mind that in the classic pesto recipe, there is already a lot of extra virgin olive oil, which is a fat that provides plenty of creaminess to the pesto. If you add cream, you’ll be layering fat on fat, resulting in a heavy pesto sauce with an undefined flavor. I don’t recommend it.

      In fact, when it comes to using cream in Italy, things can get quite complicated… Read this article for more information about cream in Italian cooking: