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  1. 5 stars
    True! Thank you very much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    did you know that quite a bit of Italian pastas are made from American and Canadian wheat

    1. Ciao! It’s incredible, but it’s true. In Italy, we don’t produce enough wheat to make all the pasta we consume domestically and export abroad. That’s why many brands, especially the more commercial ones, import wheat from the European Union and sometimes even from America and Canada.

  3. alan plassche says:

    What is your evaluation of Barilla Al Bronzo

    1. Hi Alan, I will soon be writing an article about Barilla new bronze die cut pasta (here it is! https://whyitalians.com/barilla-bronze-cut-pasta-test-opinions/ ), in this pasta the dough is extruded through bronze dies with inserts enriched with threads that increase the resistance to the passage of the dough, thus drawing a “network of micro-incisions” on its surface. In short words this kind of pasta perfectly retains any seasoning, I suggest you try it with a tomato sauce or ragu.